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Racing for the Rest of Us®
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If you love cars, subscribe to the magazines, watch the races on TV and dream of getting your chance behind the wheel, the Precision Racing Organization is for you. If the only thing keeping you from running in this year’s Indianapolis 500 is a few million dollars and the fact that Roger Penske will not return your calls, then Precision Racing Organization is for you. We are Racing for the Rest of Us®. It’s more than just a slogan, it’s what we do. If you live in North America and have a car in your driveway, the Precision Racing Organization is the conduit to move your weekend racing dreams from your living room to your reality.

In 2005 we have teamed up with CAR and DRIVER magazine, the world’s largest car enthusiast publication. CAR and DRIVER understands and shares our passion for racing. With CAR and DRIVER’s help we have created an exhilarating race experience for anyone who wants to feel their heart pounding out of their chest. The CAR and DRIVER RACE SERIES is three race elements in one day. Tear through a twisting road course in the AutoX Challenge, squeal your tires around the Skidpad Challenge and put the hammer down in the Acceleration Challenge. In one day of racing the CAR and DRIVER RACE SERIES will fulfill each of your driving fantasies. Each competitor gets 10 runs; three in the AutoX Challenge, four on the Skidpad Challenge and 3 in the Acceleration Challenge.

Our entire staff is dedicated to providing you the most exciting, dynamic, and professionally managed weekend you can imagine. We invite you to attend an event and to experience the heart-pounding, adrenaline-packed excitement only experienced from behind the wheel of a car at (or beyond) its limits. If you are an experienced autocrosser or a first-timer, we hope you will embrace this new series, along with our technology and format enhancements, which are all designed to deliver you the most exciting autocross experience available. See you at the races!

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