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The CAR and DRIVER RACE SERIES is designed to let you drive your car as fast as you can in a safe, professionally managed environment. The event will test your driver skill and car control in 3 unique driver’s skill challenges. Hold on tight as you rip through the extensive labyrinth of cones on the AutoX Challenge. Feel yours blood boil as you drop the hammer on the 100-yard Acceleration Challenge and enjoy a free lesson in physics as you fight lateral g-forces on the Skidpad Challenge! Time is your enemy as you race against the clock. Kill a cone or slide off course and suffer a time penalty. Where else can you drive your car as fast as possible without getting a ticket? The Precision Racing Organization offers car classes to ensure you are competitive whether you drive a Pinto or a Ferrari. Winners in each class are determined by combining each competitor’s best time from each driving skill challenge.

Event Format

AutoX Challenge
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· What is it?
The AutoX Challenge is a long, twisting road course designed using cones in a large parking lot. No, we are not talking your local retail store parking lot; the CAR and DRIVER RACE SERIES only stops at the nation’s largest venues. Each competitor gets 3 runs to improve their time. Only the best time will be used in the final tally.
· Objective:
Become a human pinball as you hurl your car through the professionally designed road course. It’s all about car control and your ability to find the best line in this purpose built thrill ride. Knock seconds off your time in 3 heart-pounding runs. Push your limits and surpass them!

Acceleration Challenge
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· What is it?
The Acceleration Challenge is a 100-yard, one car at a time-straight line shot of adrenaline from a standing start. Each competitor gets 3 runs to improve their time. Only the quickest time will be used in the final tally.
· Objective:
Driver skill is put to the test on the launch pad. White knuckles on the wheel, one foot on the go pedal! Stay focused and shift clean; it’s all about reaction time and driver control.

Skidpad Challenge
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· What is it?
The Skidpad Challenge is a 200-foot diameter circle track designed to test your car’s lateral traction. Each competitor gets 4 runs: 1 warm-up and 3 timed runs. Like the other challenges, only the fastest lap will count toward your final tally.
· Objective:
Hang on for dear life as you experience the full grip potential of your tires. Push your car to the edge and discover the true meaning of centripetal force. Don’t lose control!

How do I race?
  1. Be prepared to have fun!
  2. Register before the event online here.
  3. You will need a helmet. You can bring your own SA95 or newer rated helmet, or we can provide you with a helmet at the event.
  4. You will need a car. Please be sure your car is in safe working order. Each competing car must meet the minimum requirements in our rulebook.
  5. Don’t forget your lead foot.
How does it work?
  1. Go here, enter your car and register. The cost is $99 for the day. The RACE SERIES will be in each city for two days, so feel free to register for both!
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from the Precision Racing Organization with your registration information.
  3. Within a few weeks of the event you will receive a second email instructing you when to arrive at the event and what you will need to bring. You must wear a SA95 or newer rated helmet! Again, helmets are available for use at the event if you do not bring your own.
  4. When you arrive at the event you will be assigned a number and given an adhesive number and classification plate. The adhesive will not harm your paint! However, it is recommended that you wax your vehicle prior to the event to ensure the sticker easily peels off after use.
  5. Next you will proceed to the technical inspection area. Here the technical inspectors will check your vehicle’s suspension, linkage, lug nuts, and be sure the interior is safe from distractions during your runs. There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as catching a hamburger wrapper in the face at high speeds!
  6. Precision Racing Organization officials will then guide you to your designated staging area. Here you will wait for your chance to race! While you anxiously await your turn, get some driving tips from the on-site training videos.
  7. After completing your runs, find your times and discover how you rank in your class at the Precision Racing Organization truck. There will be a number of live displays as well as live audio and stats being published to the Internet for your friends and family.
  8. A trophy presentation will be held at the end of competition.
How are the events scored?

In each of the three Challenges, the fastest time for each class will receive a perfect score. A perfect score on the AutoX Challenge will be valued at 50 points, while the Skidpad Challenge and Acceleration Challenge will each carry point values of 25. Drivers finishing in second place and below will receive a points value based upon the percentage of the winning time they ran. A driver's score for any given challenge is determined by dividing his or her time (including penalties) by the top time in the class and then multiplying the points value for the element by the quotient. The table below demonstrates this scoring method during a sample event.

Acceleration Challenge
DriverRaw Time% of LeaderRaw Score
Driver One 7.101 100 25
Driver Two 7.652 92.79 23.19
Driver Three 8.007 88.68 22.17
Driver Four 8.008 88.67 22.16

Skidpad Challenge
DriverRaw Time% of LeaderRaw Score
Driver Two 16.992 100 25
Driver Four 16.996 99.97 24.99
Driver Three 17.192 98.83 24.70
Driver One 18.371 92.49 23.12

AutoX Challenge
DriverRaw Time% of LeaderRaw Score
Driver One 51.654 100 50
Driver Four 52.382 98.61 49.30
Driver Two 52.741 97.93 48.96
Driver Three 53.391 96.74 48.37

Overall Element Scores
DriverEvent Raw Score
Driver One 98.12
Driver Two 97.15
Driver Four 96.45
Driver Three 95.24

Final event scoring will factor in how many drivers in your class you defeated. Drivers will receive a bonus point for each driver finishing behind them. For example, in a 10 car class the winner would receive 9 bonus points while the ninth place finisher would receive 1.

Final Scores
DriverTotal Event Score
Driver One 101.12
Driver Two 99.15
Driver Four 97.15
Driver Three 95.24
Very Important:

Before you attend the event be sure to instruct friends and family across the country to watch your progress live on the web at or However, remember that bragging rights are earned, so drive really fast!

Very VERY Important:

Have FUN!

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