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Precision Racing Organization Parent Company Making Moves

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Ludington, MI (March 16, 2006) -- Acme Branding Company, the parent company of Precision Racing Organization, has moved into the worlds of NASCAR and Champ Car with recent announcements. Check out the "Acme News" section and the "Jay Pegs" photo galleries available at for more information. Acme Branding Company also partnered with CAR and DRIVER to offer unique insights into the the 2006 Daytona 500. Check out the PodCasts at Acme's website for that - enjoy!


CAR and DRIVER 50th Anniversary Party - Indianapolis Raceway Park

Eager fans awaiting their turn for hotlaps
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Indianapolis Raceway Park was host to the CAR and DRIVER 50th Anniversary Party July 23rd and 24th, 2005. Coincidentally this weekend at IRP was also host to the warmest weather in the state since the early 1900's. All CAR and DRIVER Magazine subscribers were invited to the track for a day of fun in the searing heat. Luckily the heat was put on the back burner as everyone was having a great time. They had the opportunity to experience amazing cars, reminisce, schmooze with the editors, and take part in one of the driving events. Everyone's favorite "American Band" Grand Funk Railroad was the icing on the cake, the perfect end to a perfect day. They rocked the grandstands before Brock Yates took everyone on a narrated journey through his movie, The Cannonball Run.

A driver gets ready for her two runs

The P.R.O. Touch

Commissioned by CAR and DRIVER Magazine to organize their golden anniversary party, the Precision Racing Organization was very honored and up to the challenge. Happily within our element of cars, people, and heat, the event went off without a hitch. Scratch another notch in the headboard for P.R.O. Sorry for the lewd analogy, it seemed fitting at the time. On a more serious note, the P.R.O. AutoX crew successfully made 758 car changes with 2 runs per driver. If you do the math, that's 1,516 AutoX runs, plus a championship round, in less than 17 hours: amazing by any standards.

An SLK 55 AMG gets whipped
around the AutoX course

Race the Editors

These guys are living the dream. First, they drive cool cars, then, they write about cool cars, and last, but not least, they talk about cool cars. In fact, they probably dream about cool cars just like you and me, but every morning when they wake up, well you get the picture. It just goes to show that life is not fair. Lucky subscribers who registered early actually had the chance to race the editor of their choice on the autocross course in one of the many manufacturer-provided sports cars. Each editor was given chances to lay down a fast time. What’s the object of the game? Drive faster than the editor and win great prizes. Very simple and a lot of fun! Every competitor, fast or slow, crossed the line with a smile and that is why we love cars!

One of the BMW 330s gets
sideways on the IRP Oval

IRP Oval Hotlaps

Have you ever been as fast as a car will take you around a real oval in a real racecar with a real racecar driver before? If you answered yes, then you must be old pals with Hurley Heywood and Petter Solberg or a number of other famous drivers, so you are omitted from my survey. If you answered no, then you should have been there, because Heywood and Solberg were! Did I mention they were giving thrill rides? Hurley took care of business in a shiny new Porsche Carrera GT and Peter amazed the crowd and his passengers with amazing car control in his Subaru WRX. The BMW drivers gave spectators a free education in drifting battles and 360-degree rotations.

Bracket drag racers out on course

Bracket Drag Racing

You run what you brung in this competition. Horsepower is no object in this competition. Do you know how fast your car can run a 1/4 mile? Editors and subscribers guessed their times then plunged down the drag strip trying to match it. Racing with the clock is much more difficult than racing against it!

"Pinks" drivers launch as
spectators enjoy the show


Spike TV's hot new series "Pinks" was on hand to film a new episode. Two drivers battle on the strip, loser walks home and the winner scores a new ride. Who won? If I told you, I'd have to kill you. Keep your eyes open for the latest episodes of "Pinks".

Honda S2000s were among
the many cars that consumers
enjoyed on the AutoX... were NISMO 350Zs The S2000 was used for the
championship round on Sunday

CAR and DRIVER RACE SERIES Championship Weekend

Top winners Larry Macleod, Matthew Smith,
and Norman Berry flanked by P.R.O.
president Steven Volpp and
CAR and DRIVER's Robin Warner

Round 7: Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan played host to the first CAR and DRIVER RACE SERIES Championship. Anxious competitors arrived early to the gate, trying to slip through tech before the rain hit. Although every car made it through tech before any major precipitation, the approaching monsoon was out of our control. Cats, dogs, barns, a little bit of everything hit the ground with a fury. Race officials made a quick decision to delay racing until the rain and lightning subsided. After a few timing lights were rescued from a watery grave and replaced, racing began. An agile pack of Subaru WRX STi's ripped through the field taking the top 3 spots of the day. Die-hard rally fan W.G. Giles still managed to make his wing-less STi fly to take third overall with 107.70 points. Larry Macleod scored 109.57 points to take 2nd. Matthew Smith took 1st with a commanding points lead, finishing the day with 111.34.

Championship: Sunday, July 17, 2005

Saturday showers brought Sunday swelter! What felt like 25 or so inches of rain Pontiac received on Saturday morning combined with Sunday's bright sunshine to create a sweaty pressure cooker on the great expanse of Silverdome parking lot. Cars were off the line at 10:00am. AutoX Challenge and Skidpad Challenge moved swiftly and flawlessly; both were finished in time for lunch! Hungry competitors snatched a quick lunch before the Acceleration Challenge. Every good racer knows reaction times are better on a full stomach. Norman Berry knocked fellow STi driver W.G. Giles out of third place. W.G. did however receive the only standing ovation of the day for his drifting skill on the Skidpad Challenge. Larry Macleod held onto second, taking home a Skip Barber Racing School. Matthew Smith ran away with the championship, earning a $5,000 Gervil timepiece!

The CAR and DRIVER RACE SERIES staff and officials would like to thank all competitors for making the first Championship an overwhelming success! We truly enjoyed meeting all the competitors and their cars! If you missed us in 2005, we will be back in 2006, so keep an eye on the website for updates.

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